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Beijing Chaoyang Diabetes Hospital Beijing Chaoyang Diabetes Hospital (BCDH) formally opened on July 18th, 2004 and is the largest, most advanced modern diabetes hospital in China . BCDH was built to the standard of a third-grade specialty hospital, which is the highest for a hospital in China . It has established international cooperation in both medical treatment and scientific research.

BCDH is a nonprofit medical treatment organization specializing in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and related medical disorders. The ground size of the hospital is about 20,000 square meters with an area of nearly 10,000 square meters and 150 beds in the first stage of its development but will increase to 300 beds in the future.

BDCH is located at No.1 Tianshuiyuan East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025 off Chaoyang North Road to the south and is 200 meters away from Red Scarf Bridge. The hospital is 500m away from Chaoyang Park, which is the biggest city park in Beijing. Many buses (No.9, 30, 419, 611, 729, 808, 847) pass by the hospital. BCDH is close to the Central Business District (CBD), where over 60% of the foreign business organizations in Beijing are situated and 3000 foreign companies and 167 international press organizations. Two thirds of the top 500 companies in China have their offices in this area.

BCDH adopts the criteria for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes as recognized by the UK National Health Service and the Royal College of Physicians of London. Professor S.R. Bloom, Chairman of the Society for Endocrinology in United Kingdom, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine of London, Chairman of Department of Endocrinology at Imperial College, University of London and a distinguished expert in diabetes is the Honorary President of the BCDH and the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee. Professor Wang Zhili, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine of London, Chairman of the Committee of Chinese Medical Society of UK, Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Metabolism, and Visiting Professor in the Department of Endocrinology at Imperial College, University of London, is the President of the hospital. As a leading authority in diabetes, President Wang Zhili has invited many well- known diabetes experts to work together at BCDH. This team have laid a solid foundation for BCDH to develop and expand in the future.

Three main unique treatments in this hospital are:

1. Early comprehensive treatment may prevent life-long medication in certain diabetes patients.

2. Combination of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine treatment and combination of local and systemic treatment for diabetic foot patients may prevent from amputation.

3. Combination of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine treatment may prevent diabetic renal disease patients from life-long dialysis due to improvement of their renal function.

The special features of BCDH include:

1. Advanced clinical/laboratory equipment and test methods:

With the technical support of Professor Bloom and the Medical Research Council's laboratory at the Hammersmith Hospital, London (one of the most authoritative laboratories in diabetes and endocrinology in the world), BCDH can provide biochemical and immunological examinations, and islet function tests. More than ten unique clinical and laboratory tests such as the measurement of regulated endocrine-specific peptides and islet perfusion studies are offered to patients for the first time in China. This work can help doctors and healthcare professionals to understand about the aetiology of the patient's diabetes and can help to give them better treatment.

2.Expertise available from both Chinese and foreign experts:

Professor S.R.Bloom, Chairman of the Society for Endocrinology in United Kingdom and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in London as well as other foreign diabetes specialists and endocrinologists will work with Chinese diabetes specialists and endocrinologists as a group about complicated cases. Upon request, patients can also obtain a consultation directly with an English diabetes specialist through the network meeting system of BCDH.

3. Specimens from complicated cases can be sent to the laboratories of the Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London. The results from those tests are directly reported to the patient from this laboratory.

4. Senior dieticians from Imperial College, London and the Chinese Nutrition Society will work together with patients.

5. Both Traditional Chinese and Western medicines are used in a complimentary way at BCDH.

6. A computerized blood glucose monitoring system has been established using the criteria from the World Health Organization. BCDH provides blood monitors to all hospitalized patients which makes treatment much more individual and efficient.

7.Modern business administration methods are used in the managerial system of BCDH.

However patients come first at BCDH and the provision of the best service to all patients is most important to all healthcare professionals working at BCDH.

The further developments at BCDH:

(1) to establish an advanced international medical diagnosis and treatment system for all diabetic patients in China;

(2) to establish a unique treatment system combining traditional Chinese Traditional and Western medicine;

(3) to establish a modern diabetes patient education center at BCDH;

(4) to establish a broad diabetic patient network in Beijing and elsewhere in China;

(5) to establish a Diabetes Research Institute at BCDH in order to support the research into new treatment methods in all types of diabetes, such as gene therapy, new medicine and the like.
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